Monday, October 5, 2020

Oct 5 2020 Climate and Environment Issues Paper Continued

 1. Attendance 

2. Laptop hand out - Students if you want your own laptop pls bring it - otherwise they will be provided via the library. :) 

3. Re-review of Digital Classroom Resource. Students know to go to Revelstoke School Website > Students and Parents Tab > BC Digital Classroom Collection > Global Issues In Context Tab. 

4. Review Stage 2 - Assign 4 - Annotated Bibilio - from Issues Paper Package. 

5. Review Stage 3 - Assign 5 - from Issues Paper Package - Taking Notes. Students can use post it notes (grab some from the office or send EA) and or can use the post it note app on their laptops OR can use a word doc. Assignment 5. 

6. Review Stage 4 - Assign 6 - For those that are ahead - Prepare Your Outline. 
Please prep your outline. This will be submitted as Assignment 6 in Teams today - Friday Oct 2 2020. 

7. Stage 5 - Move on to prepare your final draft - deadline - for draft Wednesday, Oct 7th, 2020. Deadline for final version - Assign 7 in Teams. 

* Goal for today - continue with your research, complete  Office365 Teams > Assignment 7 -

Bonus - Package Free Store Review - brainstorm re: items we would like to see in the new Zero Waste Store coming to Revy - Dec 2020/Jan 2021. 


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